Black Creek Ravines Conservation Area

Black Creek Ravines MapLocation:

In Clay County, about one mile east of Middleburg, along the south bank of Black Creek.


This tract consists primarily of natural woodlands and wetlands. The site exhibits a remarkable amount of relief for Florida landscapes, with elevations ranging from five feet above mean sea level at points along the creek to 90 feet above mean sea level on the sandhills in the property’s southern portion. The property’s most distinctive characteristics are the seepage slopes and steep ravines that result from a series of naturally eroding seepage streams. These sensitive ecosystems support a wide variety of native aquatic and wetland-dependent species. The property exhibits a diversity of natural communities, some classified as being imperiled in Florida because of their rarity and vulnerability to natural or man-made factors. About 2.7 miles of the south shore of Black Creek is protected from development to maintain the important recharge functions of the upland sandhill community.

Wildlife viewing:

The conservation area has a variety of listed species, including gopher tortoise and pitcher plant. Roosting and nesting wading birds make their home here. Other wildlife seen in the area include the pine snake, bald eagle, otter, deer, woodpecker, owl, bobcat, heron, egret, fox, raccoon and alligator.

Recreational activities:


The area can be accessed on Green Road, north of County Road 218.

For more information:

Call the District’s Bureau of Land Management at (386) 329-4404.

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