Welcome to Adventure Landing in Jacksonville

Adventure Landing in Jacksonville is a mini theme park with a water park, game room, go carts and putt putt golf course right off Beach Blvd in Jacksonville.

Water Slides
You can spend a few hours or an entire day at Adventure Landing in Jacksonville. The biggest part of the park are the various water slides. Here are a few highlights from our recent visit.

The Rage
The Rage is our favorite water slide. One or two people ride on a double tube through both open and closed tunnels. The rage is intense and fast. As you fly up and down the slide your tube slides up the sides so you have to hold on to the handles. Children as young as 6 regularly ride the rage but some do get to the top, look down and change their mind.

The entire ride is about 30 seconds and at the end you are dumped down into the little St Johns River, which is a big oval shaped pool that runs around the Pirates Play Village in the middle of the park.

Pirates Play Village
Right in the center of Adventure Landing Jacksonville is Pirates Play Village. It’s a huge pirate ship with a ton of slides and waterfalls. There are slides for all ages from fast moving slides to slower and smaller slides appropriate for younger children. And inside the Pirate Ship there are lots of places to crawl around and play.

The Eye of the Storm
This is a short and very fast slide. After climbing up a long staircase you launch yourself into a dark tube. The tube is closed, dark, and fast. The unique part of this ride is the round slide at the bottom.

As you exit the tube you are launched into the round slide that you swirl around until you are dumped into a deep pool in the center. Many riders of the Eye of the Storm try to go around the circular tube as many times as they can before they fall into the center.

The Hydro Halfpipe
The Hydro Halfpipe is intense. Only one member of our team was brave enough to ride it. You sit in a tube and head almost straight down and then back up the other side. It almost looks like you could fly right out of the halfpipe but a lifeguard on duty assured us that has never happened.

Go Carts
The go carts at Adventure Landing are has powered and run on an Indy style track. Your ride gets you about 5 laps and there are single and double carts. The double carts are for an adult to ride with a younger child.

The arcade at Adventure Landing is fairly big. Our favorite games were a NASCAR driving simulator, which was very cool and the old stand by air hockey. The kids racked up tons of tickets but were unable to cash them in as the machine was not working. We saved them for our next visit….